Japanese Artist Earned $120 Million by Super Chat in Youtube

Who is M.S.S.Project(MSSP)   M.S.S.Project(MSSP) is legendary artist born in “NikoNiko Doga” (Anime, Game Video Update site in Japan). They are also Youtuber and all member from Hokkaido. Funs of MSSP are called as “Soul Mate”. October 2019 was ther 10th anniversary. They started activity as MSSP for the reason “Be popular, and get people to listen our music” Who are member of MSSP? Members of MSSP; ・FB777 ・KIKKUN-MK-II ・Aromahot ・eoheoh They have started updating Gameplay video on “NikoNiko Doga”. Now, not only gameplay video but also updating their musics. Why did they named “MSSP”? M.S.S.Project(Middle Second Sickness Project) is […]

Ape colaborated with SUV of Suzuki

AAPE lounched Real small SUV already in 2019 AAPE has already drop special camo “JIMNY(ジムニー)” in HongKong in 2019. It was collabolation with “Island Motor” which sells Suzuki cars in Hong-Kong. View this post on Instagram AAPE has teamed up with Suzuki to wrap this new 4th GEN Jimny in all over AAPE signature camo. Take a closer look on the details to inspire for your own. @AAPESTORE @ITHK #AAPE #AAPEBYABATHINGAPE #AAPESTORE #ITHK #AAPExSuzukiJimny #Jimny #HongKong A post shared by AAPE BY *A BATHING APE® (@aapestore) on Jan 23, 2019 at 2:33am PST This small SUV is 4th generation of […]