Summary of Hikakin. Did he Ski jumping? His old picture of the office worker age is muscular!

Summary of Hikakin. Did he Ski jumping? His old picture of the office worker age is muscular!

Hikakin is Japan’s top “You Tuber” and the highest advisor to Japan’s largest You Tuber specialty office, “UUUM”. Where do you graduate from high school or junior high school?
We will provide you with educational background information including old muscle macho images and student episodes!

Which University was Hikakin graduated?

Hikakin has not entered college.
One website told that he was at Doshisha University, so it seemed that he had gone on to college, but that was a mistake. Hikakin graduated from high school and found a job at a supermarket, so he did not enter college.
There is an image of that time, he is a crisp young man!

The hard time before he become the top Youtuber of Japan

Hikakin 2

In an interview on “New R25” released on May 3, 2018, he talked about how he worked quite a bit when he was working in a supermarket.

“I moved to Tokyo and got a job at a small supermarket in Tokyo. Assigned to the food department, the daily routine is to pick up goods and organize warehouses early in the morning.
After finishing such a job, I came home, cut down my sleep time, edited the video, and uploaded it. In the morning, go to the supermarket.
Even if the customer got angry at the store or the boss told me he didn’t like it, I think he continued working because he had YouTube.”

It is stressful to just do the work you do not want to do, but if you get angry you will exceed the limit of patience and you will likely use all of your salary for play, but it is amazing that you continued to work hard without any problems That’s right!

Moreover, the 200 yen set meal seemed to be cold miso soup with cold rice, so it’s quite difficult to continue eating for 4 years without knowing when to break on YouTube.
There is an image of that time, but it’s muscle muscular!

His old picture of the office worker age is muscular!

He says he didn’t do any muscle training, so I can imagine how super work was a hard work. Also, when we hear the story of overcoming the age of underloading, it makes sense to say that we have been appointed UUUM’s chief advisor.

Hikakin 3

He graduated the highschool which has a very strong ski jump club

Hikakin entered Niigata Prefectural Arai High School in April 2005 and graduated in March 2008.

The fact that Hikakin is Arai High School is a video released on September 9, 2013, “Assault at his alma mater! & Hikakin’s treasured footage from high school! Hikakin himself is no doubt talking about it.

He visited there with “Masao” of You Tuber who was with Hikakin from nursery school to high school, and in the image, the sign behind it says “Niigata Prefectural Arai High School”. The Rokka Festival is a major cultural festival at Arai High School, which is held only once every three years, and it is open to outsiders, so it would be tempting to return home after a long absence.

Arai High School mainly goes to private universities, but with the special classes being organized for the center exam, the entrance to national public universities is increasing year by year. Club activities are strong in the ski club, and are regular schools for inter-high schools, prefectural competitions, and national high school selections.

[Video] Hikakin was a member of Ski jumping club and aim to attend Olympics!

Hikakin who was serious about ski jumping while doing a beat box. You did your best to take part in the Olympics.
A video of a third-year high school student performing a ski jump in the spring has been released on July 3, 2011.