Fake news of shortage toilet paer and Tissue in Japan was made by a caregiver guy

Fake news of shortage toilet paer and Tissue in Japan was made by a caregiver guy

A guy who is working as a Caregiver fired because of his disseminating fake news.I was researching why this guy dis such a stupid thing. And I found that he had the reason to do it…

The tweet which he has been disseminating

His tweet says

“I am forecasting what will be the next shortage of stock. The next is Toilet Paper and Tissue paper. It is because these are manufactured in China. Suppliers in Japan don’t make them in Japan. I am worning you that you should buy these Daily necessities before shortage”

What happened after spreading his tweet

His tweet has been retweeted so many time in a short while.
Then many people believed that is Toilet Paper and Tissue paper would be in shortage soon.
Then they run into supermarket, convenience store and pharmacy to buy it.
Finally almost all store could not have any stocks.

The tweet is fake!? Toilet paper and Tissue are made in Japan

One of major maper paper maker make a tweet which to inform “Stock is very enough”

Hello! Marutomi Paper.
We have been reported that toilet paper is not enough in various places.
Production and shipping will continue as usual.

Why shortage of stock happened?

Many store and paper maker announce the shortage of toilet paer and Tissue has been occuered by logistic confusion. The logistic confusion was caused from the bad efficiency of packing these toilet paper and tissue paper. Also stores would not make wide space such a daily  necessities.

However, in recent situation, many people were made believed shortage of toilet paper and Tissue. I hope it would not be happened in the other country…