“Supreme×Oreo” tastes like $Million$

“Supreme” will launch “Supreme×Oreo”, and its price has been increasing rapidly.
On the e-bay site, the price is achived more than $10,000! Why this happen???
I found the reason of this crazy Oreo issue.

How much is “Supreme ×Oreo” now? More than $100,000 ???

The price has been increasing.  But, now the page is deleted.
On 24th, Feb. It was $23,300 !!





One tweet start this?

2020年2月17日に “The Supreme Saint” made a tweet on 17th Feb.
No one imagined this Red Oreo become $Million Oreo


WTF? Only Three Oreo 

「Supreme×Oreo」includes only three Oreo in package.
“Family Size” Oreo is $10 for 48 pics. Then retail price is even higher than usual price.Although, the package is very cool. “Supreme” logo is on “Oreo” logo.
Sup“re”me is on O“re”o. “re” is repeated….

Supreme Oreo


What Flaver is this?

Flavor is not shown on package. It might be taste of Bogo hoodie…
Anyway, som epeople think this taste like Oreo’s “Red Velvet Oreo”
Only rich people can know it. If you send this to me, I will upload some video to make sure how it is same with bogo hoodie or red oreo…

Red Velvet Oreos

Red Velvet Oreos


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