Why Japan doesn’t spent money for the future?

Why Japan doesn’t spent money for the future?

Nippon, a country that does not invest in the future. Public education expenditure, shame of being the last of 35 countries. International scholastic ability is all defeated by China, and university education falls to 51st in the world.

Elder people keep wealth and other have nothing

Despite distributing money to older people generation who is carrying financial assets due to social security reform that hardly progresses, it is indifferent to the stimulation of consumption of working households who work now, coming here and going to the education field which will further govern the future If you don’t spend any money on the country, you will end up with lost countries.

Is it true that Japan don’t spent money for young people?

The essence of this problem is that the current public expenditure on education per capita in Japan is the lowest in the OECD, but the actual expenditure on education is higher than the OECD average.

However, it is not public expensive!

However, it is not actually public expenditure, but per capita expenditures that are owed by debts such as family income and personal scholarships. When this working household became unable to bear the investment of the next generation of children at the same time as paying for the elderly through social insurance, education expenditure per capita in Japan fell below the average. It is a story that if you put it, you will be in trouble.

What happen in the future, No, it’s now happening!

And one day, after everyone’s burden has reached its limit, the total expenditure on scholastic ability drops, and as a result, the level of scholastic ability drops and “falls down”, similar to a decline in the number of births. No results without investment. Natural things will happen in the future.