Japanese Artist Earned $120 Million by Super Chat in Youtube

Japanese Artist Earned $120 Million by Super Chat in Youtube

Who is M.S.S.Project(MSSP)



M.S.S.Project(MSSP) is legendary artist born in “NikoNiko Doga” (Anime, Game Video Update site in Japan). They are also Youtuber and all member from Hokkaido. Funs of MSSP are called as “Soul Mate”. October 2019 was ther 10th anniversary.

They started activity as MSSP for the reason “Be popular, and get people to listen our music”

Who are member of MSSP?

Members of MSSP;


They have started updating Gameplay video on “NikoNiko Doga”.
Now, not only gameplay video but also updating their musics.

Why did they named “MSSP”?

M.S.S.Project(Middle Second Sickness Project) is come from

Middle-School (=「」 in Japanese)
Second year (=「」in Japanese)
Syndrome (=「」in Japanese)

“Middle school’s second year Syndrome” means “A person who can not stop doing something stupid like middle school boys after he/she were not in second year of middle school”. You can learn it from Anime of “Love、Chunibyo & Other Delusions”

MSSP need to cancel their music event

To stop Corona virus spreading, Japanse government has asked music/event argency to consider canceling event which many people gother in one place in a long time.

MSSP also aounced they would cancel their “5” music events.

They announced on 27th, Feb. 2020

【Announcement of canceling “M.S.S Project Tour 2020 PERIOD -The Next Phase- GRAND FINAL” at Yokohama Studium】

Thank you very much for supporting the M.S.S Project.
Following the policy requested by the government at the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters, today February 27 (Thursday)
〜 M.S.S Project Tour 2020 PERIOD -The scheduled to be held on Wednesday, March 4
The following 5 performances of “Next Phase-” have been canceled.

27th, Feb. (Thr) Zepp Nagoya
29th, Feb. (Sat) Zepp Fukuoka
1st, Mar. (Sun) Zepp Osaka Bayside
3rd, Mar.(Tue) Zepp DiverCity
4th, Mar. (Wed) Zepp DiverCity


Every fun was so sad the announcement. They thought all event will cancel but MSSP made a braking news!

on 2nd March 2020

【Anouncement of cancelling M.S.S Project Tour 2020 PERIOD -The Next Phase- GRAND FINAL at Yokohama Studium】

Thank you very much for supporting the M.S.S Project.
The number of new coronavirus infections is currently increasing in Japan, further expanding the spread
Preventive measures need to be taken.
At this time, the prospect of convergence of the new coronavirus is not clear,
We have decided to cancel PERIOD-The Next Phase GRAND FINAL performance at Yokohama Stadium, which is scheduled to be held on May 23 (Saturday).


As an alternative to canceling this performance,
Zepp DiverCity, which was scheduled to hold the tour final, has decided to hold a live audience distribution live.


MSSP broadcasting music event without inspectors

Many people dont’t know but canceling event caused by Infectious disease is not covered by insurance. Therefore, all loss need to be beared by the artist or agency. And MSSP canceled such 5 event! The loss would be so much, but MSSP chose funs health and safe.
Many fusns posted their concerning to MSSP on SNS.

120 Milion Yen ($1.2 Mil.), they earned by “Super Chat” in their Youtube page


“Super Chat” is a tool to support money in Youtube. Before “Super Chat” started, Youtuber could earn by advertisement during viewing. Now, audience and funs could support youtuber/artist directly.

Now, so many funs send “Super Chat” to MSSP, and it has been increasing and increasing.
¥10,000,000 →¥20,000,000→¥40,000,000→¥120,000,000  (¥109⇔ $1.00)