Japan goverment make silly present “Two Mask” to protect people from Corona, why?

Japan goverment make silly present “Two Mask” to protect people from Corona, why?

The Japanese government announced on April 1 that it would distribute two cloth masks to all households in the country (approximately 50 million households).

Cloth masks are not disposable, but can be reused by washing with detergent,
which is effective in meeting the rapidly expanding demand for masks.

Why cloth mask?

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus,
the government has been working since mid-February to provide subsidies to manufacturers who make capital investments to increase mask production.

As a result, more than 600 million sheets could be supplied in March. The peak demand for masks is said to be around 500 million in March, when demand for hay fever is growing, so the company has successfully added 100 million.

Iris Ohyama, which has supplied 80 million non-woven masks per month to Japan, has announced that it will start manufacturing masks at its Kakuda Plant in Miyagi Prefecture. The company plans to supply an additional 60 million units monthly, but the new plant is expected to be operational in June.

The people are stunned


On the itter, the hashtag “#AbenoMask”, which is fiddled with #Abenomics, ranks first in the trend rankings. Not only thankful posts such as “I can use it many times if I wash it” and “I’m grateful for getting it”, “# Do not cheat with two masks” has also become a trend, and voices such as “compensation for holidays rather than masks” are also spreading


However, Manufacturing Non woven mask  takes too much time

The masks are still scarce at stores, and they can buy them if they are lucky.

The reason is that demand is overwhelmingly large for supply. If all citizens try to use a new disposable mask every day, the simple calculation is 120 million copies a day and 3.6 billion a month. It is more than 7 times the peak.

People need to dicede which is better “No mask with no luck” or “two cloth mask”.